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  1. Hardware
    This question may sound weird proof being i haven't found any info about this online. I've become obsessed with the bezel less laptops like the DELL XPS but also, i love my own laptop a lenovo y700 not the greatest laptop a bit outdated too, so my question is can i replace my 15 inch screen with...
  2. Hardware
    i have just built a new build pc that wont boot the fans wont even turn the RGB on them wont light up and the ram sticks don't light either the motherboards RGB lights are on and the power light the board is on does anyone know what it could be? my main thought is the cpu is damaged but was...
  3. Hardware
    Just got a new motherboard and cpu - ryzen 5 1500x and gigabyte ga-350m-gaming 3. Put all my components in case all connescr securely and turned on pc and it’s not coming up on the screen? Gpu - gtx 1060 3gb
1-3 of 3 Results