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  1. Hardware
    Hi! Today I turned my laptop on and played some games, browsed internet all normally while at one point the screen went all black. It came back after some seconds and then it went pitch black again, this time it did not come back on. I could still hear the background noise from the game and...
  2. Hardware
    Hello there. I have those earbuds: I can successfully connect them to an iPhone SE of mine with Bluetooth. When they're connected, I have no problems with using it to listen to the audio. The problem is that I can not...
  3. Hardware
    Yo can someone help? I got an xfx rx 460 and mini pci 16x riser to try and update my graphics on a Dell all in one running windows 10 pro. But I think during boot up the system doesn’t recognize the mini pci to usb so it shuts off the port and the screen stays black? Or maybe I need a separate...
1-3 of 3 Results