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  1. Web & Email
    Yesterday I got hacked of my Google account. Now I can't recover cause they changed all the recovery info. How do I fix this?
  2. Web & Email
    Today, my facebook account is hacked. I recovered my account but the hacker has already turned on 2 factor authentication and I cannot pass it. Attached here is the details and such of the IP of the hacker.
  3. Virus & Other Malware Removal
    Hi. my computer got hacked. At first it was just my email and Netflix account but yesterday a home group was added to my desktop. I immediately turned off the wifi and I ran windows defender and deleted any threats that it could find. I also bought a fix-it stick. It is currently running the...
  4. Networking
    . I have a BT hub 6A it’s my 4th one. So my walls are thin enough for me to know my neighbours have hacked me. I can often hear them bragging about it. I’ve called BT so many times like more than 15 and they say it’s fine their end but yet every device I have has been modified. Anyway. I have...
  5. Web & Email
    Has anyone else had any experience with the Docusign email that appears to be from someone you know and when you click to open it it asks you to login to either godaddy, outlook, gmail or some other account? Then if you do enter your Outlook info they hack into your email and start sending the...
  6. Web & Email
    My Gmail account was temporarily disabled after a "suspicious" login occurred. The login was through a Windows computer, which I don't have, so evidently something was wrong. I changed my password after re-activating th account. However, my email address is no longer displayed at...
  7. General Security
    Sir/Madam My emails xxxxxxx, xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx were all hacked. The hacker can access all my accounts and sends abusive messages to my friends. I joined a dating site and he is still able to block my friends and changes my pw everytime. Please help me how to have privacy. I created several email...
1-7 of 7 Results