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  1. Hardware
    suggest a pc build under $150 to $250 (for coding)
  2. Hardware
    I need a monitor among those monitor because I am in short of money and I want to use it for photo editing. Now which monitor should I buy for photo editing dell s2216h or samsung c22f390 or hp 22es or lg 22mp68vq or viewsonic vx 2209 for photo editing ? Please help
  3. Hardware
    Hi .... i need some help in choosing a laptop ... The first is an hp laptop i7 5th gen Gpu r5 m330 The 2nd is dell inspiron 3543 i5 5th gen Gpu gt920m Both have 4gb of RAM and 500 gb storage So i just want a few suggestion on which should i consider buying ....
1-3 of 3 Results