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  1. Games
    In My Browser "" is not opening , due to this My Rockstar Games Launcher Is On Offline Mode, the website is working fine on VPN but when im disconnecting its is showing this This site can't be reached took too long to respond. Try...
  2. Hardware
    so ive noticed alot that my frames have been getting lower in games recently for example I used to avarge around 60-90 FPs on GTA but now I only get around 30 why does this happen I think its because I need to replace the thermal paste on my CPU and GPU but I'm not sure or the thermal pads on my...
  3. Games
    I have been banned from a GtaRP server and have read online (worked for a friend) that you could delete the Digital Entitlements folder to bypass the ban. So I have done so and at first had the problem that the launcher would keep loaiding in offline mode. I then after multiple tries and looking...
  4. Games
    Purchased San Andreas through Microsoft Store! Downloaded and installed! Game menu opens and than closes! Running on windows 10 operating system! Game will not open and is unplayable! Windows shows no folder or files for the downloaded content! GTA San Andreas has no .exe file so there is...
  5. Games
    How can I unlock the whole city of san andreas and skip all the intermediate missions?
  6. Games
    I have an edited GTA San Andreas game.My Video Graphics memory is 256mb,and requirement for this game is 128mb.My game sometimes stucks but no always.Please help to run yhis game smooth.The primary link for that game is ''''.In this...
  7. Games
    I have problem downloading GTA game. Can you people say From where can i download the Latest GTA San andreas game? Please help me
  8. Games
    Hi! So I've been playing GTA V without any troubles earlier but this week the game started to act weird and crash every once in awhile. I checked the crash log and what causes the crash seems to be "clr.dll" which is a part of the .NET Framework. I paste the aforementioned crash log here...
  9. Games
    i have downloaded 61 gb gta 5 but'm unable to crack it,.I have tried 3dm and reloaded cracks.Any help would be deeply appreciated.
1-9 of 9 Results