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  1. Hardware
    Hey Guys, i am putting all my hope in you now and this is my first post so please be nice to the bloody noob. Few days ago my computer started to freeze randomly when playing games especially in the lobby or at the loading screen, several times it worked tho. My first thought was that the...
  2. Hardware
    The PSU on my PC has stopped working (light blinking at the back). My PC is around 12 years old and I've researched between these four and wondered which I should get. I'll mainly be using the PC for basic things with the occasional game. I created a previous thread about my PSU issue while back...
  3. Hardware
    hi, There have been a few times where a power cut has caused my PC to not switch on again, instead a blinking light appears on the back of the PC although I have managed to get it working again the few times this has happened. However when working, i'll leave the PC to do something (e.g...
1-3 of 3 Results