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  1. Windows Server
    I want to know if there is a policy to prevent users of a domain or group of an active directory, add files on the hard drives of the computer to which they access by remote desktop, there is a way to hide the disks but in my case I want to only be able to view the files contained on these disks...
  2. Windows 10
    Hi! Id Like to see if anyone can solve my problem about missing Attachment manager from Group policy and Registry editor.
  3. Windows 10
    Hello, I'm running windows 10 on an older office computer. I recently had some issues with missing OS files when a graphics card went (Took half the OS with it). So I have erased my Pc, and re-downloaded windows with a new graphics card. All has been fine for a few months till now. I restarted...
  4. Windows Server
    I have 6+ years experience with Windows and Mac computers, but haven't had much experience with Server until my new job position. I'm now the sole Admin for a smallish company running a few very old Windows 2008 R2 server (we should be updating the whole shebang soon). I have almost no...
  5. Windows Server
    Hello! I'm creating a new AD structure and weeding out a lot of legacy group policy stuff since we've moved to the Windows 10 platform. The organisation I work for has a main HQ with 15 remote sites all connected over MPLS back to our corporate network where our servers are situated. My new...
  6. Windows 10
    Windows 10 Pro Updates low on disk space and Group Policy. I have two users one admin and one local. I have added a usb drive to use for updates to resolve the low disk space and it worked. However I have added a setting in Group Policy - All Removable Storage classes: Deny all access -this...
  7. General Security
    i have been getting this message every time i try to turn on windows defender in settings im not planning on installing a 3rd party antivirus so any help would be deeply appreciated, ps i have tried registry edit and uit has not worked
  8. Windows 7
    Please refer to my previous thread "Corrupt Administrator Account" because I think it's related. I was prompted to install an update to iTunes and it failed when I ran it. Next tried to restore from a couple of restore points and it failed, saying that a file was open, probably from my...
  9. Linux and Unix
    How to enable group policy-o on linux/samba?
  10. Windows 10
    For security purposes, we want to prevent our users from accessing the C drive on their computers and on the terminal servers. These users are *not* local admins on either their workstations or the servers. We have implemented the following Group Policy settings: - Remove Run Menu from Start...
  11. Windows Server
    I am having this issue from a long time. Once I change Local Admin Password through Group Policy, the new password doesn't not work on a few machines. let's say i have 10 machines, the password works on 6 machines, and on other 4 machines, it doesn't. These 4 machines can be random machines. I...
1-11 of 11 Results