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  1. Hardware
    Hi, ihave an issue with my pc . So when i install the driver for my r7 370 the gpu stops and gives me a black screen and i had to restore the system to go back . This happens when i install the windows updates too and specific the win 10 pro 1909 version so i am now at the 1809 version .and i...
  2. Games
    i have a gaming pc, and anytime i play a game like Rainbow six siege for longer than 20 mins it just shuts off without warning and i have no idea what to do i've tried so many things and nothing works and now i am desperate. please help!! I just built this PC about 1 week ago, the only thing...
  3. Games
    I just changed everything from my PC , except the gpu which is a gtx 970 and my psu. Everytime i open path of exile, i can loggin, select a character and as soon as i start the loading, it crash; both my screen goes colored ; either white,black,sometimes pink or brown. I can hear the...
1-3 of 3 Results