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  1. Business Applications
    Hello all- I'm new to Google Sheets, and need to use it for this spreadsheet I'm working on. In column 'A' I would like checkmark boxes (tick boxes). But the content of rest of the rows I need to clear occasionally. Is there a way so I can select an entire row and 'clear row', but have the...
  2. Business Applications
    Hi All, I have tried to merge these two formulas in Google Sheet: =DATE('Resource Matrix'!K1,'Resource Matrix'!F1,1) &" - "& OR(WEEKDAY($G2)=7,WEEKDAY($G2)=1) but seems not working. DATE('Resource Matrix'!K1,'Resource Matrix'!F1,1) is to identify how many days there is in a month...
  3. Business Applications
    Hi there, I can't figure out how to properly write an IF statement for this specific scenario. I have to calculate E.I (Employment Insurance). E.I is 1.27% of your gross income. If my annual gross income is for example $66'000 I'd type in the formula =(C7*1.27)/100 (C7 is the cell with...
  4. Business Applications
    As mentioned in the heading, is it in any way possible to reset several checkboxes all at once?
  5. Business Applications
    Hi! I'd like to get a few cells in a list from a Google Sheets. I have the following data: First list horizontally: 1 in C2, 2 in D2, 3 in E2 Second list vertically: 1 in C5, 2 in C6, 3 in C7 Here is the test sheet: I use the following script: function onEdit(){ var...
1-5 of 5 Results