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  1. Games
    Hello, I’m looking to get some help in finding the best gaming monitor for a PS5 in the run up to Black Friday. One which will max the capabilities what the PS5 has to offer. Thank you
  2. Hardware
    I am building an Intel Rocket Lake gaming pc. I am currently choosing parts for it. I already have MSI GTX970 4GB OC. I plan to upgrade it later. I want to buy a gaming monitor with good picture quality and great gaming performance. In our country, MSI G241 and Gigabyte G24F have very similar...
  3. Hardware
    Hi! I have been looking for a new monitor and spotted this Acer 27" gaming monitor. The guy said he hit the corner with a plug when setting a desk up so now wants rid. The pictures are attached and I am just wondering if this is damage that will spread or if this is a bargain ? Also what is the...
1-3 of 3 Results