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  1. Games
    i get alot og my games from nosteam and pcgames net and always have dll issues . First is there a site I can upload a file to they repair it and i get it back? Or is there a good dll fixer site that actually works and even scans for missing dll and repairs or reinstalls?
  2. Hardware
    My ASUS gaming laptop's battery has all of the sudden stopped wanting to charge. I have to keep it on charge constantly from it shutting off and restarting over again. I've had this laptop for about 3-4 years now and had no problems with it. I use this laptop to 3D model, make video games and it...
  3. Games
    I don't know what kind of computer I'm using. It's a laptop with Windows 8, previously played WoW on it back in 2013. Around the time of it being first purchased. I retired from the Army and came home and I'm just trying to play Garry's Mod on Steam. On this computer. Someone help. Oh btw it's...
1-3 of 3 Results