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  1. Windows 10
    I have a Laptop contains windows 10 and I need to sync 60G to windows server 2016 which is in a different network (100km far away ), then I would like to have a nightly daily sync process that syncs the updates only without having to copy the entire 60 gigabytes every time. So essentially a...
  2. Hardware
    Hello Tech Support Guys, I have this problem for a while now and I need your assistance. I have a GTX1060 6gb and anything I try to plug in my 3 displayports flickers, 'goes blackscreen' and shows a lot of tearing. It happens in and out of games. It doesn't happen on the DVI or the HDMI ports...
  3. Games
    I have an acer monitor that has a sticker on it saying that it has amd freesync however in radeon settings it says that the
1-3 of 3 Results