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  1. Web Design & Development
    i was going to create a foums system on my website: , but i wanted to actually have the database for the posts on a github repo. also i was wondering a way to link the repo and my website so that when someone on my website clicks "Create new thread," they get taken to...
  2. Site Help, Feedback, & Announcements
    Delete my account and posts in this forum
  3. Web & Email
    So i frequent this forum and while chaning pages it just bugs out and an error message pops out Not Found The requested URL /forum was not found on this server. or No site configured at this address It works fine for other people, i checked google and did everything i could find, restarted...
  4. All Other Software
    Hi anyone knows a Forum About Matlab Or Simulink ? (Except mathworks Forum )
  5. Games
    Hello! I am male, 29 years... I was not kept by 2 other forums, before. I did some language stuff and was thrown from it. I really want to keep myself for long-long time (or forever) with this one forum! The GUI is just brilliant! ...for the Tech Guy Forum!! :) P.S. Moderators, keep me safe...
1-5 of 5 Results