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  1. Business Applications
    I need help coming up with an excel formula I'm not sure if I need a SUMIF, SUMIFS or some other formula. Each patient is assigned codes (B2:E2) and each code has a value (A5:B11). I need to add up the total value for each patient. The example below only gives a total of one code (in C2). How...
  2. Business Applications
    I am currently pulling data from another worksheet in my workbook and subtracting the previous month's totals from the current month's totals to get the total new items (Jan totals 1100 & Feb totals 1,200 = 100 new items gained from Jan to Feb) =Totals!E4-Totals!D4 (this formula is working...
  3. Business Applications
    I have 2 sheets on my workbook what I want to do is compare (Sheet2)C = (Sheet3)V and if the result is true then copy (Sheet2)D text into (Sheet3)W. =IF(V2=Sheet3!C2, Sheet3!D2, "") but the result I had is always FALSE or "" Columns C and V are numbers Sheet2 C...
  4. Business Applications
    I am trying to create a Bonus Calculator and I am not having much luck. I will attach the file to see if anyone can assist. All the information is on the spread sheet I am just unable to get the calculations right for the Bonus Payout Percent and Dollar Amount for both top and bottom payouts.
1-4 of 4 Results