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  1. Windows 10
    This problem somehow happened after a power outage. Now I can't access my downloads, documents, and audios. But "desktop" is still accessible. Please help.
  2. Virus & Other Malware Removal
    I was checking out some old photos from an SD Card on my PC, and suddenly Avast kept popping up with a tick sign saying: “Threat secured!” And I quickly checked my SD card and I couldn’t open the DCIM file!! From anger I immediately uninstalled Avast... how am I supposed to recover my files...
  3. Windows 10
    Hi there. I'm new. I have a custom built pc that I got of a guy last year .I do alot of 4K editing as well as gaming. Metro/ Witcher 3 and other games all on the max settings with no problems. I'm always careful turning it off. I don't tirn it off at the wall only if I need to. I've done that...
  4. Web & Email
    Why cannot I not open files when I have downloaded them. I have always been able to do this and suddenly I cannot. It has happened with my bank statement, my insurance documents and some attatchments on email. I am able to download them, but I just cannot find a way to open them. I recently...
  5. Windows 7
    Hello Everyone, when I start up my wife's computer (win 7) and it's finished loading, the RECYCLE BIN IS HIGHLIGHTED. When I try to open any other programs the RECYCLE BIN opens instead. So we have to HIT the ESC button once, then and only then we can open other files and programs. I three...
  6. All Other Software
    I recently replaced my surface pro 4 and I copied all my data to a USB, changed computers and copied all my data to my bee computer. My old computer is gone. However, there were some files on the old computer that I had encrypted and as such I can't access them now. Is there any way to decrypt...
  7. Windows 10
    Hi, please help me to fix this bug I reset windows explorer from task manager , first it fix and This Pc shows everything but in the second time all of my files are missing
  8. Virus & Other Malware Removal
    Here is a summary of my problem cannot open microsoft office, firefox or any other applications I get this error "The application was unable to start correctly (0x00000e5). Click OK to close the application. get error when opening computer. " Also I cannot open any downloaded files even if...
1-8 of 8 Results