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  1. Networking
    A few days ago I upgraded my PCs motherboard, from a MSI Z370 PC Pro, to a Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon (also MSI), at first there was no issues at all, until a few days after, my Ethernet speeds were dropping randomly. One minute Ill have perfect internet speeds over ethernet (my normal speeds of...
  2. Virus & Other Malware Removal
    If I click on the url to type I can't it highlights the fav tab straight away, does not open on but just keeps jumping to it, when I watch films and my pc and I click in the middle of the screen you can see all the taps it has in the media player highlight all the way to the right again. My pc...
  3. Hardware
    Hiya I am having some problems with my pc... if i don't use the keyboard and mouse for a while they randomly stop working, in order for them to work again I have to restart my pc. Does anybody know what could be wrong with my pc? Or how I could fix it? It is a new refurbished pc, the model...
  4. Windows 7
    Hello everyone! I got my new computer yesterday and I'm not getting any sound through it at all. It's a Knight Series Gamemax computer on Windows 7 with brand new speakers. I'm not getting any sound at all, and I need help please! The speakers are mains powered with a jack connection that is...
1-4 of 4 Results