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  1. Hardware
    Hi! So I did this accidentally--I thought I had pressed my usb. However, I didn't and now all of my files are lost, obviously, and I am devastated. Is there a way to recover these files? I tried to google search, and what came up was 'recovery for formatted harddrives' but I am unsure of...
  2. Hardware
    My brother has PC with with a couple 2-3 hundred gigs. He is already running out of space on his computer, as he is a gamer, but only has two games. I've tried to delete a bunch of unneeded files, but that didn't work. Our dad then got him an one terabyte external hard drive. At this moment, I'm...
  3. Hardware
    I need help, I am in tears! I had to backup my computer to an external HD recently and erase the computer harddrive. Now that I've received a new computer, the files on the external are showing as shortcuts and will not open. It still says there is content, however. What do I do? I absolutely...
1-3 of 3 Results