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  1. Hardware
    Hey, I'm kinda new to forums and tech stuff altogether so sorry if this isnt in the normal format. I have just been wondering since my laptop can run certain games fine, if it was possible to a VR headset through it. From my research, it has a Core i7-6500U, 2 Cores, with a Intel HD Graphics...
  2. Hardware
    Hi, i have an ASUS A43SD, and i'd like to put external gpu dock. It's nvidia 610m can't handle newer game. So Does ASUS A43SD has pci/mini pci slot?so i can put pci express external gpu dock. My budget currently on low. If you had a suggestion or help, i'd like to hear it. Sorry if my english is...
  3. Hardware
    I have a lenovo g500s touch laptop that I am trying to get to work with an external graphics card setup, but when I turn the computer on, the screen remains blank. I can hear the fans spin up, and the external PSU and GPU fans spin up also, but the computer won't boot, not even BIOS. The weird...
1-3 of 3 Results