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  1. Linux and Unix
    Hi all, (I'm new to this website, apologies if this is formatted incorrectly) I'm currently running elementaryOS, and it has been nothing but a curse and burden. It was falsely advertised to me, and I put it on my computer when I should not have. I'm desperately trying to return to Windows 7 but...
  2. Linux and Unix
    I had Android-x86 7.1 (Nougat) installed for a while and it worked, but I decided to reinstall it into the ext3 filesystem. I also decided to install it on my hard disk, rather than my USB stick as I did before. Now, I can get to GRUB and select the Android option, but then it will just send me...
  3. Hardware
    Here is the deal: I bought a brand new laptop. It has Linux on it, but I wanted to install windows 10. I created a USB to install it. I reached the partition part, where I got issues. The machine has 4 partition: fat32 (500MB) fat32 (3GB) ext4 (920GB) linux-swap (7,79GB). So Win 10 needs 20 GB...
1-3 of 3 Results