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  1. Windows Server
    In an enterprise environment what server would you recommend to run windows server 2012/16, SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint, etc. ? Basically I'm wanting to setup a practical enterprise environment, in one server via VMware/esxi VM's if possible to really get a good in depth hands on. I have a few...
  2. Web & Email
    Hello! We currently use Meraki MDM to enroll and enforce policies on our IOS mobile devices. I have a policy which installs the e-mail profile on the phone when the device is tagged - happy days. However, when the user changes there account password, things begin to go wrong. What used to...
  3. Web & Email
    I had an Exchange email account that was no longer active. I removed the account from Outlook and it appears it then deleted my .ost data files. I had important emails, Contacts, and Calendar. There is no way for me to reconnect to the Exchange server. Is there any way to recover my .ost data...
1-3 of 3 Results