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  1. Networking
    Hello, so my computer has some problems with the Ethernet and it’s not letting me connect to the internet I tried everything can someone please help me with the problem
  2. Networking
    My ethernet is not working why? m wifi works just fine but when i connect my ethernet its doesn't work.
  3. Networking
    so my problem is that everytime i boot my pc my internet is not connecting to the net and i have the yellow sign on the connection icon, the only way to get it to work is rebooting on safe mode and then rebooting again and the network works perfectly if i try to just reboot my pc gets stuck on...
  4. Networking
    My pc won't connect to to wired, I only have wired I don't have WiFi so I just made this account on my phone but anyways. usually that light will blink when I plug in the cord but it's not so I removed that battery in the motherboard and that didn't work but when I reset my router it went from...
  5. Hardware
    Hello. Ive ran into a problem which i pretty much caused myself, i tried to update my ethernet drivers in the device manager but i fatfingered it and pressed uninstall device (yup, clicked twice even to it warned since im dumb) Now that i tried to reinstall it, it just presents a yellow triangle...
  6. Networking
    My ethernet is not working but my wifi on the same computer is working(using wifi to post this). I attached an image of my resource monitor it shows me trying to download. The weird part is sometimes it goes up to my normal speed(32mb/s) for like 4 seconds and then it drops to not working at all...
1-6 of 6 Results