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  1. Hardware
    Hello, yesterday I turned on my computer and the screen was going haywire (changing to black for some time, weird pixel glitches in patterns). I managed to update my GPU drivers and that fixed all of the crazy stuff, but now I've got constant green lines on my screen and only 1 of my 2 monitors...
  2. Hardware
    hello, just recently ive run into a problem with my graphic drivers. they will not run, and will only prompt with an Radeon error code 43. It will not allow me to run any visually heavy programs like games without the error for this coming up again. Ive tried just about everything I know how to...
  3. Hardware
    After downloading the latest drivers from NVDIA I received an Error Code 43. I have reinstalled the updated drivers, tried going back to the older driver, downloaded the newest windows 10 update, and updated everything on my PC but with no luck of escaping this Error Code. Can anything be done.
1-3 of 3 Results