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  1. Android Mobile Devices
    Hi, I have a Galaxy J3 Luna Pro, Model SM-S237VL phone with Android 6.0.1. When my fiance calls it & talks to me, she hears her own voice echoing back to her. On some calls it is constant. It comes & goes during the course of other calls. She only experiences this when she calls my phone...
  2. Do It Yourself (Not Computer-Related)
    I have a new Amazon Echo which I want to transmit to more than one Bluetooth speaker (which it won't). My excellent Celestion DL6 speakers are much too old to have their own Bluetooth. What I need is a little A2DP device that will receive the Echo's Bluetooth transmission and re-transmit it to...
  3. Other Mobile Devices
    I use Samsung's S Planner calendar app. I have now purchased an Amazon Echo. The Echo can read a Gooogle calendar so I created a Google calendar account and linked the Samsung S Planner to it; then linked the Echo to it the Google calendar. The Samsung S Planner's events can all be physically...
1-3 of 3 Results