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  1. Networking
    Was hoping this is the correct or near correct forum. I have a Mace DVR system, it has all the settings IP address and gateway etc etc. I know I can do this but can not find the proper path. Connecting Mace DVR to internet and viewing it remotely seems should be straight forward, but I am...
  2. Multimedia
    Hey guys, I have a .DVR file downloaded on my PC that I am trying to play. I have gotten it to work on VCL player but there is no sound. Any help about another program that will play this type of file or why I am not getting any sound? I have a PC and a Chromebook that I can download the file...
  3. All Other Software
    I'm trying to access a DVR that requires NetSurveillance Active X Control (NETSURVEILLANCE.NetSurveillanceCtrl.1), however the client lost the CD that came with the DVR. I am trying to locate the file online, but to no luck. The links in...
  4. Networking
    I have a dvr with 8 cameras. Im trying to set them up to view outside (and inside now, I ruined it) my home network. Port forward is not working for me. I have a account the ip address of the dvr my home IP address the port the dvr is on etc. It just seems im not doing something right.
  5. Hardware
    I have a PTZ camera that I'm trying to connect to my DVR but don't seem to have the right connecting part. Is anybody able to hell me find the part I need?
  6. Do It Yourself (Not Computer-Related)
    Hello I need to replace the dvr for my home security system as it keeps beeping and saying no hdd. I need one capable of 8 channel with an ability to record the footage onto usb and hopefully one I can just plug straight in as a replacement. Can anyone recommend a decent dvr under £100...
  7. Networking
    I live 1500 miles from a business which has a DVR security camera system that is plugged into the Netgear Router. One of my employees 'accidently' performed a factory reset on the router, which lost everything, including the port forwarding. I have not idea how to set this up again...
  8. Networking
    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit Processor: AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics, AMD64 Family 22 Model 48 Stepping 1 Processor Count: 4 RAM: 3542 Mb Graphics Card: AMD Radeon(TM) R5 Graphics, 512 Mb Hard Drives: C: 465 GB...
  9. Do It Yourself (Not Computer-Related)
    I have a digital antenna for local channels and I have a Roku 2 to get programming through Sling. Some of the programs through Sling are available anytime. Some are not, specifically current season programming from AMC. I also have an old model DISHDVR625 but no service. I have no other access...
  10. Networking
    Hello! I am an IT Administrator for a local business, and we recently had a large storm. We were required to replace all existing networking gear. Our security camera system is now unable to be viewed via app. I have tried so many things that it is not even funny at this point - it is...
  11. Networking
    I have a device name "DVR", how do I determine the IP address of that? I have connected that device through straight cable but I don't know the IP pool of that device, I turn on DHCP of my computer but unfortunately it doesn't work.
1-11 of 11 Results