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  1. Hardware
    A staff member has dropped their laptop and now it won't work. If you power it on it shows "Starting Windows" and then goes to "Loading Windows Files" and just gets stuck there. I've tried removing the SSD and moving it to another machine, it gets a bit further to the recovery step but Windows...
  2. Hardware
    Our external ard drive was dropped today from about 2ft. After connecting it to the computer it does not register, or if it does, a window appears saying that it has to be formatted before we can use it, and we see the folders but can't get in them. I have opened up the casing and made sure...
  3. Hardware
    it has been a week since my laptop stoped working I droped it on its back (were the fans bleed exaust air) Usually this has no effect on the laptop but this time it decided to just shut off No indicators light up The led on the power button does nothing The charger works and so does the...
  4. Hardware
    I dropped my laptop yestrday and it worked OK at first, little freeze here and there and audio started to skip but it was ok. Once I restarted it now the audio has an x on it and is not working nor the internet. The internet icon won't even show. I trouble shooted both and it says no problems...
1-4 of 4 Results