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  1. Networking
    Hello everyone. I have internet only service from Antietam Cable in Hagerstown, MD. We recently bought our home in April 2018 and they pulled new coax from the underground hookup branch and into our home. The internet worked well for around 8 months and then the cable company has had nothing but...
  2. Hardware
    This is a relatively new problem. But my Lenovo desktop is about 5 1/2 years old. But it keeps dropping it's wifi connection. It's not in a new location so it's not too far from the modem. Any ideas as to why this would happen? Any advice on how to fix it. Or is it just time for a new...
  3. Networking
    A Comcast Tech installed a new Xfinity Wireless Gateway at my house yesterday. It produced WiFi performance less than what i am accustomed to. I decided that i wanted to continue to use my beloved r6300v2 Netgear Router so I attached it to Port 1 of the Wireless Gateway using an Ethernet...
1-3 of 3 Results