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  1. Networking
    My girlfriend and i live at an apartment complex in a college town. internet to the apartment is provided through Armstrong. all we have access to is a wall-Ethernet port, so we have our own personal router. initially, internet was patchy and some websites wouldn't load, even when connected to...
  2. Networking
    I wanted to port forward my Plex server, but it said that I might have double-NAT. So I read that using the command tracert in cmd, I should be able to see if I have double-NAT. And the first two IPs were: and My default gateway is, but it was once...
  3. Games
    Hey guys, so a while ago Might & Magic heroes 7 came out, an old time favourite of my friends and myself. We all bought it to play online together, but since they released this game in such a crapy fashion every player has to use workarounds to get things working. (things I used to do for...
1-3 of 3 Results