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  1. Hardware
    Well here i am i searched of the hole internet for help but couldn’t find any. I recently bought a pc but it didn’t turn on so i thought it would be the psu that was broken, well it wasn’t. So i tried my motherboard but that wasn’t broken either (my motherboard is an msi b450m motherboard and my...
  2. Hardware
    My custom PC build doesnt boot. No display on screen, when turned on only the RGB work, fans does not spin, this all happened after a random shutdown last night, after such the pc turned on again by it's own and worked properly it even shut down properly. This morning I tried turning it on and I...
  3. Hardware
    Hello, My compaq laptop goes of after few seconds from starts. It doesn't even start when I'm only using the battery but when I use both the charger and the battery it start up normally but goes off after few seconds. The low battery light is blinking when i start it. When i...
1-3 of 3 Results