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  1. Windows 11
    I can dictate to Win 11 using my pc and the windows dictate app and dictating into Word. But is there a way I could record things to a protable digital recorder while I am out and then plug the card from the recorder into the pc and tell it to do the voice to text conversion? If so can someone...
  2. Business Applications
    I am using Win 10, Office 365 and Word. I use the built-in Dictate programme It is great except when I say full stop it insists on leaving a space before the . Example instead of having It is a great day. I get It is a great day . How do I fix this I can't find a setting to change it? Thanks
  3. Business Applications
    Hi, I am using Dictate in Word within Office 365 and the issue I have encountered is that automatically after 10 minutes Dictate stops and I need to click once again on Dictate to continue recording the words being said. Do you know were the issue is? Is there any setting for it that I could...
  4. Android Mobile Devices
    Today I received a new Vodafone Smart Tab Prime 7 Tablet. I opened Google Docs to try dictating to a new doc and the microphone shows but remains turned off. I am sure it is something really simple but I have no idea. Tapping the icon does nothing at all. I have looked in settings and can't...
1-4 of 4 Results