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  1. Windows 10
    Hi! Whenever I turn in my computer it either says automatic repair, loading symbol, or diagnosing computer, but it eventually shuts down… I can't even access the loading screen to do a clean sweep. I've tried most things 1) turning on press F2… F3… or F8 repeatedly but nothing has worked. I...
  2. Linux and Unix
    My work computer has recently started freezing up. When I leave it running for a longer period of time (such as overnight) and returning to it, it looks much like it went to sleep (the screens are turned off but don't give any "no signal" messages, the power button on the PC is still turned on...
  3. Windows 8
    Hi! I have a problem with my pc. I have a windows 8.1 Inspiron dell computer that won’t boot up properly at all. It started when I tried booting it up and was greeted by a “preparing automatic repair” loading screen, shortly followed by a “diagnosing your pc” loading that lasted forever and...
1-3 of 3 Results