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  1. All Other Software
    Photoshop was working great just a few days ago but suddenly it became a lot slower and harder to work with. But I noticed other problems with my game frame rate dipping but somehow the cpu temperature is around 50C or below when it used to go up to 70C(used to do 50 fps fine but dips down to...
  2. Hardware
    So I’m starting college next fall and looking for a new laptop. I want something that will do everything I need for school but also for gaming on the side. Ideally it would have something like the Nvidia GeForce gtx 1650 or an equivalent. My budget is around 1500 to 2000 and I’m currently...
  3. Networking
    I have a Dell XPS 15 running Windows 10. Last night I had no issues with my network. This morning I woke up and only on my Dell the internet doesn't work. I'm connected to the router but I don't have internet access. It's saying "No Internet, secured" All of my other devices in the house are...
  4. Windows 10
    I have a dell xps 15. Brand new. I also have a Samsung smart tv and a samsung monitor. I have an HDMI splitter and had intended on extending my laptop to all three screens. The initial idea was to have my laptops screen be shut off while projecting my monitor as screen one and my tv as screen...
  5. Hardware
    I have the Dell XPS 15 9560 in the FHD model. I am looking into getting myself a new 4K monitor for work. I am wondering if I connect my laptop with 2.0 HDMI cable to the 4K monitor, will it display 4K or only what my laptop can display? Thank you for any answers
  6. Windows 10
    Hey guys, just got a new laptop (DELL XPS 15 9560). I'm reasonably new to windows and have had a couple of what I'm presuming are errors. Firstly, I was trying to change some icons on the desktop and tried to do so by going into the properties setting when right clicking the item (Application...
1-6 of 6 Results