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  1. Hardware
    I’m currently unable to use my computer. It’s an HP Pavilion 15 Gaming laptop. The battery is fully charged as of last I saw it on. But now it won’t turn on at all. And when I plug it in to charge the light doesn’t show up to indicate it’s charging. It happened once last night but after about 5...
  2. Windows 10
    Well, my PC was slow so a friend said to check for updates. And I always noticed in Task Manager that disk is almost always above 90%. Also, it showed that Malwarebytes (antivirus) is having a high percentage. Anyway, I closed all programs and decided to restart and it gave this screen of...
  3. Hardware
    My laptop was working fine and suddenly it switched off. When i connect my adaptor to laptop, the light at the adaptor goes off. I came to know that its reverse current issue. So what may be the overall cost for repairing it?
1-3 of 3 Results