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  1. Multimedia
    My question is about working in a DAW recording and playback. The DAW in question is Reaper which I run on a PC using Windows 10. When I record, I can listen to my instrument through the I/O device (which is plugged into the computer via USB). However, if I want to listen to the playback, I...
  2. Multimedia
    Hello, Probably a multi-step answer. If those answers could be dumbed down enough that someone in their 80's could follow them as I am practically a luddite would be sweet. I purchased a Behringer Podcast Studio. I have a HP notebook (which I reckon is a POS), running Windows 10. I have hooked...
  3. All Other Software
    hello , my name is mcgann57 and I have a question about daw vsts. I recently uploaded a new vst and it is slowing down my computer dramatically. I was wondering if a could run this vst on an external hard drive so I can still use the vst but maintain speed? also, if I already have vst's linked...
1-3 of 3 Results