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  1. Business Applications
    Hi, I'm looking to develop a database + wanted to get some advice here to see if anyone is interested in helping to build it with me? Many thanks, Liz
  2. Business Applications
    Hello everyone. before we start: I am total newbie to Access (used few times, exited). Situation: i am trying to analyze data that has too many fields for Excel. Like - 10 right now and it could be NOT enough. Entering data may bring errors. And sometimes I require field connections. My thought...
  3. Business Applications
    Hi there, I'm creating a nested Iff statement in a query to return the corresponding cost for each value: 0-500 = 6,48 501-750 = 4,32 751+ = 2,16 2,16 displays correctly for values over 751. 4,32 displays correctly for values 501-750 6,48 displays correctly for values 0-500. HOWEVER! Amongst...
1-3 of 3 Results