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  1. Android Mobile Devices
    There are many apps (like “CPU-Z”, “CPU-X”, and “SystemPanel” among others) that show different kinds of information about your CPU such as specs, temperature, and much more. However, none of them show each app’s CPU real-time usage like the Windows Task Manager does. Even “Running Services” in...
  2. Hardware
    I have a A320M-DS2 motherboard with an AMD A8 9600 onboard. I want to upgrade my cpu but I don't know which to buy. Any ideas?
  3. Hardware
    I currently have 2 Computers I am looking at for upgrades. Computer #1 is a dell optiplex 755 Mini Tower with a 305 psu and lga 775 socket.Computer #2 is a Biostar N68S3B v 6.1 MoBo with a AM3 socket rated at 95 w tdp.o in a Thermal Take Tower with a 450w psu. Both computers allow a maximum 8gb...
  4. Hardware
    So about a week before Christmas i bought a "gaming" laptop for 250.00 on amazon. I know, stupid decision. It all look fine and dandy when it arrived on the 30th and worked great until i decided to download some games from my steam library. Obviously, Skyrim would be the first download i made...
  5. Hardware
    Hi there, I am having a few issues with old pc and i am thinking to upgrade my CPU. I have done this already to this pc and it worked well for many years. I am concerned about the age of my motherboard though, and whether it is worth the effort to upgrade my CPU again. My motherboard is a...
1-5 of 5 Results