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  1. Hardware
    I have a i7 10700k, rtx 2060, B460m motherboard. Was running my setup with the stock intel cpu cooler. Was running fine. Put in a new 120mm cpu cooler with 5 heat sink pipes. Installed it by taking apart my motherboard. Put everything back in correctly. When I try to boot the fan starts...
  2. Hardware
    Hello, I’m having a cpu fan error every time i turn on my dell optiplex, both fans are working perfectly fine. if i press F1 will i be able to ignore this?
  3. All Other Software
    On start-up, blue screen appears & says "cpu fan not working (blah,blah) will shut down in 15 seconds or press any key". I press "any key" and boot continues. When sign-on screen appears, you can hear a fan start. Seconds later you can't hear the fan any more but the computer works fine. Runs...
  4. Hardware
    Hello need to know if it's normal for the fan of this laptop model HP ENVY m6-w102dx to be blowing with speed and you can actually hear the fan. can something be done if that's not what it should be doing
  5. Hardware
    My CPU Fan is not working properly. When I start my pc, it doesn't start spinning, which it usually doesn't do. It usually spins when starting. After a couple of seconds, the fan moves ever so slightly and that's it. It repeats this every 10 seconds. Doesn't move until after 10 seconds very...
  6. Hardware
    so basically got a new gaming pc my GPU fan is working fine currently 900 rpms but my cpu fan says N/A. I dont know weather the fan has the ability to show the mobo its fan temps or not ? here are my specs; Additional Fans 1 x Corsair Air Series AF120 Quiet Edition - 120mm Blue LED Case Fan...
  7. Hardware
    Hi I was wondering if I should buy the hyper 212x or the turbo edition CPU fan. I was wondering is there a difference and if so how much of a difference is there in overall performance and how do each one of them cool down the system with a full load.
  8. Hardware
    My htpc system has been acting weird lately , whenever psu is plugged in , the cpu fans,leds etc start running without me pressing the power button , the pc boots normally if i press the power button . Im wondering if this behaviour is normal , i havent installed any new component , the cpu is...
  9. Hardware
    Hey my name is Christian and recently i both a new cpu for my Pc. Its the AMD FX 8350. For this Cpu i also got myself a new CPU fan. The Artic Freeze Extr. Rev 2. So first things first i'm not a native english speaker so please excuse my writing. But now my problem. I installed all Hardware...
1-9 of 9 Results