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  1. Web Design & Development
    Hi so I am trying to find where to paste the html verification file in to my cpanel file manager which i think is the root source? Im trying to verify my facebook business page and my site
  2. Web Design & Development
    Hello there. I have created a email with domain (eg: [email protected]). To access emails, everytime i have to login to cpanel and then webmail. That's a long process. How do I configure so that i get emails right to my mobile mail app or pc ?? Thanks in advance.
  3. Web & Email
    Hey Guys, Can anyone here who will help me that How could I connect my mail to Cpanel my for personal website? It's Urgent for me. Thanks In Advance.
  4. Web Design & Development
    I need assistance to access certain logs on my cpanel but I have no idea how to get to them. For example to access my backup logs I need to go to usr/local/cpanel.... etc. But my question is where do I get "usr"? I hope that I am explaining it right. Thanks in advance
  5. Web Design & Development
    I am having problems with a site for a hong-kong based customer who wants to use chinese characters in web page URIs. I have set up all the configuration options I have found in various forums and have this working perfectly for pure HTML pages served by Apache and for Tomcat served pages...
1-5 of 5 Results