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  1. Web & Email
    I am trying to complete js labs but everytime i pass the level the wev browser says their is an issue with my csfr token. Another site wont let me continue and has a reset timer. I have enable cookies and disabled extensions, reset router and tried another browser and device. Still not working.
  2. Web & Email
    I let Firefox download and install an updated version before lunch today on my work desktop (64-Bit Windows 8.1 Pro). When I started it, it looked nothing like my usual homepage and menu bars. I was able to restore the previous look, more or less. More distressing was that all of my bookmarks...
  3. Web & Email
    I cannot seem to find the cookies settings for Google Chrome on the Macbook Pro computer. I need to turn them on for a particular website and the only option I found was a checkbox to block cookies from all sites. Isn't there a way to see if my cookies are turned on and working? Thank you in...
  4. Controversial Topics
    long-story-short: wifi network in my apartment is down for 24-36hrs, i go to library this morning, download movies from amazon & studied, get up to get drink from water fountain & ask girl to watch laptop 4 me, she doesn't, 30 seconds later i come back and it's gone, look around then report it...
  5. Web & Email
    Disabling Facebook Cookies MY GOAL: I do not want Facebook to receive personally identifiable cookie information when I am logged out of Facebook under my Google Chrome web browser. I do not want cookies associated with the web browser of Facebook to remain active after I have log-out of...
  6. Web Design & Development
    I'm currently have a bunch of WordPress websites and everytime I try to go into customize the theme I get redirected to saying my cookies are disabled when there not I've done all the steps that it says I've tried different browsers and computers and it's comes up on all them
  7. Windows XP
    Hi guys, I'm running an ancient Dell Dimension using Firefox to browse. I had to download an old version when Firefox updated to ver 54 since it no longer runs on XP. But my problem was preexisting to that time. We use the Better Privacy add on to block LSOs and have noticed that the number of...
  8. Web & Email
    I am a student at Sinclair and everytime I try to log into the elearn where all my class information is it says that the browser does not support cookies and I need to enable them. I have tried to enable all the cookies as well as tried different browsers. This is a new laptop and I can get on...
  9. Web & Email
    I'm using Firefox 49 on a Win7 computer, and I'm trying to delete some annoying cookies (using Tools, Options, Privacy.). They seem to delete, but as soon as I access the web site, they're back. How do I delete them permanently?
1-9 of 9 Results