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  1. Android Mobile Devices
    Anybody know where the contacts app on my Kindle Fire HDX7 would save the file it prepared for export? It tells me it's going to /mnt/sdcard/00001.vcf but I can't find a folder called mnt anywhere! I wanna get my contacts transferred to my new tablet. Thanks for any help! Kimberly
  2. All Other Software
    hi everyone I have some contact numbers in my word file they are all different I want to save all of them as contacts in my phone is there any quick way of doing it
  3. All Other Software
    Hi, so I had an old skype account from which I would not sign out and unfortunately I recently clicked at "sign out and forget user information" or something along those line. Now I totally forgot the email I sued for creatng this account so I cannot really recover it. I used to write dowsn...
  4. General Security
    The other day I was checking through my laptop history and found several websites that I never visited, most of them along the lines of the NSCC website (a Nashville community college I have never been to nor applied) and loan websites for that college that I never used. I did go to Belmont, a...
  5. Apple Mobile Devices
    I have a couple friends who have changed their phone numbers. I have deleted their card from Messages, trying to get it to stop showing the old number, then add a new contact card for them with their new number. It doesn't help. Each time I send them a message, it pops up with both the old...
  6. Android Mobile Devices
    My old phone's screen broke, and I got a new phone a few days ago. I had all of my contacts backed up with my Google account on my old phone, but I can't figure out how to sync my contacts to my new phone. Both of my phones are Motorola. Can someone please help. Old phone was a Droidd Max and my...
1-6 of 6 Results