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  1. Hardware
    Hey, I’m planning to set up my games room with 2 consoles and a PC on a dual monitor setup. The goal is to have a monitor for each of the consoles and both for the PC (not at the same time) or alternating monitors for console to pc usage, depending. Already looked for splitters and switches...
  2. Games
    I have a desktop computer that is running Windows 10. Recently I noticed that when I try to open Rainbow Six I receive a "upc.exe" error. I looked up the error and one of the results said that it could be a driver issue. My windows software is up to date, but when I tried to update my graphics...
  3. Games
    Hi!! I figured I'd ask here since you have a wide array of topics, I have a PS2 afterglow controller I'm using for my pc. I've used PS2 controllers on pc before so I have x360 and xpadder so they function great!! But I can't get the lights to work on the afterglow controller, the analog light is...
  4. Hardware
    Hello guys, I have notebook and i can't charge,charger is working good but doesn't charges the notebook and dony know why, please help me dont know what yo do.
  5. Windows 10
    Is it possible to reset my pc in bios.
  6. Hardware
    When i install the ram on 2nd and 4th slot( motherboard optimal slot) or when i install it on first and third slot my pc turns on but doesnt shiw anything in the display but when i put my ram on 1st and fourth slot it works fine. Can someone get me this fixed. I am using windows 10. Mother board...
  7. Networking
    Hi, I cannot connect to the internet through wifi, in the available networks list it only shows my Ethernet connection (which is acting really slow), every other device can connect to the wifi no worries. Thanks in advance.
  8. Windows 10
    Super randomly when I am on my computer, it freezes and makes a super loud crashing noise until I turn it off via the power button itself. It is so random that it may crash a few times in a row then not again for a little while. Any help is very appreciated!
  9. Hardware
    My 9 yr old wants his own gaming computer for his bday coming up soon ! Im ignorant to what would be best ! He’s into flight simulator and roblox nothing intense but I’d like to have something that can sorta grow with him ! Of course I’ve been to the stores and asked but it’s always a sales...
  10. Windows 10
    So 2 days ago i went to factory restore my pc but it crashed at 3% so now nothing works I have no windows now and when i try to install an iso file from usb it says there are no drivers so I cant install it what should I do my labtop is a asus vivo book x540MA 15.8 hd screen
  11. Hardware
    hey i need help with my computer i have a h510 and a aorus z390 motherboard and i dont know how to plug in front panel connectors
  12. Windows 10
    Computer wasn’t dropped and I don’t believe I damaged the screen in any way but it is possible. The mouse disappears behind the white coloured glitch but I can click on the visible buttons. Please tell me if I can fix this myself, and if not, how much it would cost to fix.
  13. Hardware
    Since buying a new PC, they only thing I've noticed is a quiet short sound coming from it, randomly at times, rhythmically during others. To hear it, turn up volume. I would like to know whether this could be a damaged part, or completely normal. Below are the parts of my PC. I appreciate any...
  14. Hardware
    I have a windows 10 pc and using an old TH-42PX80B TV but the display is being cut off at the edges and im trying to figure out how to make the display fit the actual screen. I dont have a remote. The PC is connected to the tv via HDMI cable Ive tried downloading apps on my phone that act as...
  15. Hardware My computer has been making this kind of noise for a while now every time it runs a game I'm not very knowledgeable in computer and I couldn't find any video or article that showed the same sound that I was having. The computer i generally new...
  16. Hardware
    I just built my first pc which has a 1050ti (I know it’s not good but it was a hand me down) and an i7- 9700f. It seems to start up then after 2-3 seconds shut down. I’ve unplugged and plugged everything on the motherboard and even changed the cmos battery but nothing works. Any solutions...
  17. Hardware
    Basically today I powered on my computer started playing games and it was very slow to load always freezing also noticed this couple days before game would always crash. Then i restarted my computer and then it would power on but monitor stay blank tried even seeing if it was the monitor nothing...
  18. Hardware
    Hello, I recently encountered an issue in which my PC randomly shuts off? So then I turned the power supply off and then came back hours later and then it’d work for a short to medium period of time, but sometimes it just wouldn’t turn on at all, But instead of everything turning on such as the...
  19. Windows 10
    Hey I have a problem and I can't fix it I even resested and full reset but it's like my up key is stuck but not physically when I press anything the up key keeps going up and pressing random stuff. Everytime I press anything the up key is activated on my keyboard
  20. Hardware
    I am not sure if this is the right category for my problem but I don't know where else to put it but basically, Whenever I connect my PC to my TV It won't show my PC screen (I'm using HDMI to HDMI). I have 2 monitors connected to my graphics card on my PC and use the port on the motherboard to...
1-20 of 245 Results