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  1. Hardware
    At the outset, I will say that I did not know which category to give, for which I am sorry... I have a computer that works very well, but I would like to upgrade it to the maximum value, my setup consists of: Cpu - Amd fx-8350 socket AM3 + (942) Motherboard -Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 Memory - DDR3...
  2. Hardware
    so i want to setup a second monitor on my pc setup but its an old one and it uses vga. i bought an hdmi to vga adapter and when i plug the adapter in my pc detects the second monitor, but when i plug the power suply of the second monitor in the image doesnt work and it makes my first monitor...
  3. Hardware
    Hi I have a gateway gt5670 that will turn on fans spin and everything. It just won’t disply I’ve had it for like 6 years it’s always worked, but one day i turned off and when I turned back on no disply. Please help p.s. I’ve tried changing ram and the psu it doesn’t work I think
1-3 of 3 Results