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  1. Hardware
    Hello I have a issue with my computer after i plug in the cable and pressing the power on button its start up for a couple of seconds make a 1 beep sound then after a second make a double beep sound and its will start running for a couple of seconds then turn off, and sometimes its without...
  2. Hardware
    I just bought a new sapphire rx 580 pulse 8gb for my pc. I turned it off, unplugged it, removed the rx 460, and put the rx 580 in, and plugged its power cord into the psu. When I attempted to turn on the computer after plugging it in, the pc would not turn on. The only thing that did...
  3. Hardware
    long story short, i just built a new computer and I know its set up right i cant find anything wrong or lose or plugged in the wrong place. Ive been at this for days and no one can help me please just help. RYZEN 7 2700X processer B450 TOMAHAWK motherboard...
  4. Hardware
    My computer is 2-year-old but when I bought it was great. I love working on it, playing games etc. Nowadays if I leave it for a few minutes my screen starts restarting again and again on Homepage and I am not able to access it unless I shut it down directly.Please, can someone help me with this...
  5. Windows XP
    Hello I have a problem with my computer. When I start my computer in monitor show balck screen with some letters and seconds when the second end computer didn't start and show again the black screen. Can someones help me?
  6. Hardware system is not booting any os.......noothing I dont know what to do I hav tried windows 7,8 ubuntu ...all are not booting... First my windows 7 was not got stuck while showing the loading sign.. I was able to get EASY RE software for only booted my...
  7. Windows 7
    So my windows 7 computer was working fine yesterday. But today it wont let me login. When i turn in the computer, it shows me the welcome screen, press esc key for startup menu. After that, it stays frozen. its stuck. And when i try to press esc or other commands, it won't work. the keyboard...
  8. Windows 10
    I have an HP ProtectSmart Envy 17 with a Windows 10 operating system. This last Sunday I was on my computer for a while and when I turned it off for the night, everything was working perfectly. The next day, sometime late in the afternoon, I got on my laptop again. I went to watch a youtube...
  9. Hardware
    Hi all, Please help! I have a Lenovo ThinkPad. I was trying to download something, and the laptop turned off so I thought I had to charge the battery. So I plugged it in and now the laptop won't turn back on. Did I just lose my computer? How can I get it working again? Thank you so much!
  10. Hardware
    My motherboard GA-X79S-UPS-WIFI Version REV:1.0
1-10 of 10 Results