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  1. Hardware
    ihave a small laptop, its 2 years old. never replaced battery And it just randomly turned off out of no where and it wont turn back on at all, normally keep it charged always so im probably thinking the battery needs to be replaced? i also have this damaged cable which could be for the screen...
  2. Hardware
    When I turn my computer and monitors on, it seems like the monitors aren't finding a connection to the PC. I've opened it up and cleaned all inside and made sure everything is connected properly. I'm unsure of what could be causing the problem. It takes a good 10-20 tries before the monitor...
  3. Networking
    Hi! I switched my Wi-Fi adapter to a private network from a public one since my oculus told me to do so. Ever since I did this, my Wi-Fi kicked me out and I cannot connect to my Wi-Fi anymore. It’s saying the password is wrong and I’m not sure why since I never changed the password. Please help me!
  4. Hardware
    Hey! So, my computer will not turn on. I have tried everything the internet says, and it still won’t turn on! It is fully charged, also, I know it is still working, because when I turn it on, the caps lock light comes on! What do I do?
  5. Other Operating Systems
    I just bought my Acer computer for college and every time it I update it, it want to go to a white screen box and I waiting for hours and it just won’t work! I called costumer service and they expect me to pay $50 for it to work....
  6. Hardware
    Hi everybody I have a problem when i close applications the computers freezes for couple of seconds (sometimes i have to hard reset) and the audio lags. This pc isnt even a year old and i forgot to mention it sometimes happens when the computer is just idle or i am listening to music. And the...
  7. Hardware
    So I bought This computer computer it turns on but nothing well show up but I see it working but know it doesn't please help if you know how to fix it
  8. Hardware
    I cannot see the computer running from the monitor(no signal coming to it) - despite both the monitor and the tower running fine. I have figured that there might be a problem in the (SCART) connector between the monitor and the tower. However it was working the day before this problem happened...
  9. Hardware
    Space bar, b, and n keys not working — in any app — on Lenovo T450s laptop (running windows 10). Was sporadically not working yesterday, and today not at all — and I have 3 reports to write! I’ve tried, as per all the information I found via Googling: - Confirming that sticky keys are not on...
  10. Windows 10
    Hi I'm currently making my own gaming pc and i'd like to know were to bye windows 10. I've seen really cheap ones and expensive ones so I don't know what to do.
  11. Networking
    So earlier I was trying to download this new game update but when I opened up the stats window to see how fast it would download, I was getting a download speed of 00.0B/s. At first I thought this was just a bad wifi connection or just my internet in general but after, I had a friend downloading...
  12. Windows XP
    My laptop is a Lenovo X61 and its perpetually stuck with Windows XP and I can't enter internet explorer, it doesn't work at all. It won't update and it wont open certain downloads. It came from my old school so I figured there was a block on it somewhere, opinions? How could I get rid of it? I...
1-12 of 12 Results