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  1. Windows 10
    Hello, I have really tried everything I could I have removed the CMOS battery over 10 times and the Clr CMOS jumper cleared also with a screwdriver without any Static left. I have cleaned my RAM sticks but I know it cant be them because it only happened after I enabled Safe boot to update to...
  2. Hardware
    Hi i have an inspiron 5559 or Dell, my laptop was working fine until i took the cmos battery out and replaced it again. I had an issue with the the AC charger being unrecognized, i wanted to turn off the warning but i had an administrator password set, i don't know who set it. so i decided to...
  3. Hardware
    just realized this forum dont help with password issues
  4. Hardware
    I was using my computer and as I was away, it went to sleep. Afterwards, the computer could not get back to the home screen so I did a manual off. Now my computer can't boot into windows and it always brings me to BIOS setting. I changed the SATA connection and took a look at my hardware but i...
  5. Hardware
    Hi, I recently bought a pc from a friend that gets stuck on the bios splash screen and wouldn't let me use keyboard or mouse to access the bios or anything and took ages to boot to windows. I did a cmos reset by unplugging everything and taking the battery out, This didn't help. I then tried...
1-5 of 5 Results