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  1. Digital Photography & Imaging
    So here's a stressful situation. I've been having this issue with both iOS and Android, where sometimes when I upload a photo to an image service or social media (Instagram, Ello, Facebook, etc.) The photo appears to be uploaded completely normally, but after I come back to it, say 10 minutes...
  2. Networking
    hi ! i need help to share my cellular data connection over a tplink router to enable wifi support in my home. once i got succeed . but after installing a software (vmware) i think something got change and data connection stopped working. its just my guess that vmware causing this issue. i have...
  3. Web & Email
    Hi, i often find myself closing a web page, then a little later that same session reopening it. Then, as i mainly rely on tethering my phone to my PC for internet, and have only a 2 GB data plan (which is all i can afford), i get concerned about whether each re-opening of a same page doubles its...
1-3 of 3 Results