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  1. Games
    So one game that I remember loving as a kid was a game called Spongebob Employee of the Month. It was a Spongebob point and click game and I played it so much growing up. Now by know the disc is long gone but I recently have been going on nostalgia trips playing old childhood games of mine. I...
  2. Hardware
    This might be the wrong place, but I'm having an issue. I'm attempting to use an external optical drive to install a very large flight simulator from 8 different installation discs. I go through the first two, but on attempting to run the third, I ran into my issue. The optical drive just...
  3. Hardware
    Hello! I have this problem where my DVD player recognizes some DVDs but some not. I got a video on a DVD that I want to play but when I insert it, nothing happens. When I go into My Computer there is "DVD RW Drive (E: )", when I click it It says to insert a DVD and opens my DVD player. I tried...
  4. Hardware
    I have recently purchased a 2.0 USB Portable Optical Drive from eBay. But when I connect it to my laptop or any other device it doesn't recognise it. The drive will open and I can put a CD in but it doesn't recognise it. eBay item link...
  5. Hardware
    I haven't dropped it, its only 3 months old and cost 1200.. Started a couple of days ago. Noise goes away when CD drive is out but I can't keep it like that :/ Laptop is Msi cx62 6qd
1-5 of 5 Results