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  1. Hardware
    Can anybody say why my logitech keyboard won't work with transcend card reader plugged in? If I connect (USB) my Transcend card reader to any port in my PC, the Logitech K260 keyboard immediately stops working. Any ideas?
  2. Digital Photography & Imaging
    Happy New Year to All! :) Hopefully, one of you tech wizards can solve a most vexing issue that has recently been occurring with the card reader I use to copy photos from my Sony CyberShot DSC-750 camera. The issue has to be with the card reader (featured here) and not the card, because the...
  3. Hardware
    I just bought a Zio! CompactFlash Card Reader. It came with a supposedly Mac-compatible driver on CD, but when I insert it, the "USB ZiO!™ Driver Installer" file cannot be opened. I get the message: You can't open the application "USB ZiO!™ Driver Installer" because the Classic environment is...
  4. Hardware
    I am having an issue with my ASUS Laptop's Internal SD reader. It reads a 4 GB SanDisk SDHC no problem, every time. I also have a PNY 8 GB SDHC that works very rarely. I have to try a bunch of times to make it work, and even then it stops when writing files. I assumed it was the brand so I went...
1-4 of 4 Results