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  1. Multimedia
    I was looking at digital cameras online that would save to a flash drive when I stumbled across some that specifically stated that they were PAL. Then the thought suddenly occurred to me, are digital cameras even format/region specific anymore? Technically, a digital file isn't necessarily...
  2. Multimedia
    I am trying to download video taken on my Sony camcorder, it does not have a memory card only records onto mini disk's. I bought a cord that plugs into the camera and is a USB on the other end. When I plugged it into my MacBook Pro laptop(10.10.5 OS X Yosemite 2.3 GHz) it killed the battery and...
  3. Digital Photography & Imaging
    I've had a Sony Hi8 camcorder since the early 90s. So I have collected over 30 Hi8 tapes, I'm trying to convert on the computer. Actually I have already converted them last year to the computer but now I'm trying to do them again but with FireWire. As we all know Hi8 is technically an analog...
1-3 of 3 Results