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  1. Virus & Other Malware Removal
    I dont know what is wrong, I have been trying everything I could to fix this issue. It started with Microsoft edge, i had finished using netflix and got onto Youtube. Right away after clicking a video, i noticed the loading curser thing in the middle was huger than normal. And then the page...
  2. Web & Email
    Hi, I have an issue with downloads. My internet has been funny for weeks. At the start, my internet would say it was connected, but not be able to connect to any websites. When my internet goes down, it affects everything. But in the last seven days, when i try to download files from the likes...
  3. Web & Email
    Hello. I am new here and am daunted by all the technical jargon you all so brilliantly use, so please be patient. :) I have a Lenovo Laptop and am using Windows version 8.1 (this is where my knowledge of computers ends). I need my Facebook account for work to promote my buisness and it isn't...
1-3 of 3 Results