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  1. Games
    Hi, today I went onto my gaming laptop it is a MSI GF65 thin and wanted to download Apex to play with a friend but it said I didn’t have enough storage on my ssd (it’s a 256gb m.2) So I decided to uninstall one of the game I already have on there (I only had 2 games, escape from Tarkov and star...
  2. Hardware
    I dropped my dads laptop and the rod that covers the wires in that small gap between the keyboard and the screen has come off. It won’t click back in and just falls out again straight away. Please help ASAP
  3. All Other Software
    Short story LCD broken, no HDMI, no formatting possible. What cable can I connect to a tv? Details So my friends computer fell. None of the hardware is destroyed but the LCD is beyond usage and repair. They have a lot of data to get off it but removing the memory isn't an option now. I tried to...
  4. Windows 7
    I have a Dell windows 7 computer (don't ask me the specs because idfk). As the title says, it won't start. It shows a miniscule sign of life, because whenever I plug it in it shows that it is charging but when I go to turn it on, the thing that glows showing me it's charging flashes orange 3...
  5. Hardware
    Currently I have two laptops. One fully works and the other has the monitor and keyboard both not working but the laptops specs are much better than the fully functional one. I want to know how I can use the system of my broken laptop connected to the monitor and keyboard of the other.
  6. Windows 8
    Hi all, I don't know which thread to post about this in so I'll just go here. My laptop is seriously broken, I'm not 100% sure how but I'll run through a list of problems it's got. I can't get into my own windows account, every time it just loads for a long time and then says there's an...
1-6 of 6 Results